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Current Members

SJ Claire Hur

Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor


schur AT

Previous: Rowland Junior Fellow at Harvard University


Sung Eun Choi

Postdoctoral Researcher


s.choi AT

Previous: Postdoctoral Scholar at Forschungszentrum J├╝lich


Syed Yusuf Ali

Graduate Student


sali46 AT

Previous: Undergraduate Student at Aligarh Muslim University


Christopher Higgins

Graduate Student


chiggi20 AT

Previous: Master Student at University of Pennsylvania


Srivathsan Kalyan

Graduate Student


skalyan6 AT

Previous: Undergraduate Student at UCSD NanoEngineering


Kaige (Jessica) Sun

Graduate Student


ksun14 AT

Previous: Undergraduate Student at China University of Geosciences


Yicong Zhong

Graduate Student


yzhong13 AT

Previous: Undergraduate Student at China University of Petroleum


Diego Alba Burbano

Undergraduate Student


dalbabu1 AT




Microfluidic Biophysics Lab at JHU, 2017 End of the year party


From left to right: Yusuf, Jessica, Yicong, Claire, Chris and Srivaths

Microfluidic Biophysics Lab at JHU, Fall 2017


From left to right: Srivaths, Claire, Chris and Sung Eun




Kahlen M. X. Ouyang, PhD Postdoctoral Researcher (2014/2017)
Current: Postdoctoral Researcher at UCLA

Chris H. Chu Research Assistant
Current: Medical student at University of Arizona

Annie Stephenson Summer Student for REU 2014
Current: PhD student at Harvard University

Dwayne Vickers, PhD Postdoctoral Researcher (2012/2013)
Current: Postdoctoral Researcher at Broad Institute

Harrison Samuel Ewan Summer Student for REU 2013
Current: Graduate student at Purdue University

Hoyoung Yun, PhD Postdoctoral Researcher (2011/2012)

Brandon Wilson Summer Student for REU 2012


Rowland Junior Fellows, 2015 [More info about RJF]


From left to right: Robert, Alessandra, Ethan, Alvaro, Claire, Drew, Jen and Qimin

Academic Collaborators

Industrial Partners

  • Prof. Wook Park at KHU.
  • Prof. Rajat Mittal at JHU.
  • Prof. Liwei Lin at UC Berkeley.
  • Prof. Christopher Wolfgang and Lei Zheng at JHMI.
  • VortexBiosciences



    We are currently seeking more collaborators. Please feel free to contact Professor Hur for detail.


  • Claire received the inagural J&J WiSTEM2D Scholar Award.
  • Claire received the School of Engineering Faculty Award at the 2018 Johns Hopkins Department of Medicine Research Retreat.
  • Grand opening party of the Hur Lab at JHU.
  • Claire presented at Myongji University.
  • Claire presented at Postech.
  • Claire presented at KAIST.
  • Claire presented at Kyung Hee University.
  • Claire gave an invited talk at ICAMD 2017 in Cheju, Korea.
  • Jessica and Yicong joined the lab!
  • Check out the interview with Claire here.
  • Chris and Srivaths joined the lab!
  • Claire awarded Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professorship.
  • Sung Eun joined the lab!
  • Hur research lab is now at Johns Hopkins University.
  • Kahlen's paper is published at Scientific Reports.

  •