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  • Claire awarded Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professorship.
  • Sung Eun joined the lab!
  • Hur research lab is now at Johns Hopkins University.
  • Kahlen's paper is published at Scientific Reports.
  • Hur research group moves to UCLA.
  • Claire presented at Portland State University.
  • Claire presented at netScientific Workshop.
  • Claire presented at Biotec Forum.
  • The drug screening paper is published at Analytical Chemistry.
  • Dwayne's paper is published at JoVE.
  • Claire presented at USC.
  • Claire presented at Stanford University.
  • Claire presented at the Workshop for Micro- and Nanotechnology for medicine.
  • Annie joined the lab!
  • Chris joined the lab!
  • Kahlen joined the lab!
  • Claire presented at Brown University.
  • Claire attended DFD 2013.
  • Claire presented at Rising Stars in EECS.

  •