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Massive NonSpherical
Massively parallel inertial focusing
Article & Movies
Inertial focusing of non-spherical particles
Article & Movies
Massive NonSpherical
Deformability Activated Cell Sorting (DACS)
Article & Movies
Selective cell trapping using microscale vortex
Article & Movies
2018 Award Celebration Dinner
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2018 JHU DOM Faculty Award Lab Opening Party
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End of Year Party 2017 Fall 2017
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  • Mehran joined the Lab!
  • Corinna received the Carl Heath Fellowship. Congratulations, Corinna!!
  • Corinna and Michelle joined the lab!
  • Hur lab welcomes summer visiting students, Tran, Sam and Ashley.
  • Claire received the 1st Place Poster Award at the 15th US-Korea Forum on Nanotechnology.
  • Claire received the inagural J&J WiSTEM2D Scholar Award.
  • Claire received the School of Engineering Faculty Award at the 2018 Johns Hopkins Department of Medicine Research Retreat.
  • Grand opening party of the Hur Lab at JHU.
  • Claire presented at Myongji University.
  • Claire presented at Postech.
  • Claire presented at KAIST.
  • Claire presented at Kyung Hee University.
  • Claire gave an invited talk at ICAMD 2017 in Cheju, Korea.
  • Jessica and Yicong joined the lab!
  • Check out the interview with Claire here.
  • Chris and Srivaths joined the lab!
  • Claire awarded Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professorship.
  • Sung Eun joined the lab!
  • Hur research lab is now at Johns Hopkins University.
  • Kahlen's paper is published at Scientific Reports.

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